2017 Season

Keely Garfield Dance – Perfect Piranha

Nov 29 - Dec 09, 2017 | $20.00

Scaly protagonists pull themselves together through tributaries of continuous movement and sound in premeditated ways. Preverbal gesticulating flows into fully articulated motion, capturing fleeting notions and feelings. Nothing is watered down. Perfect Piranha charts a mock heroic and roundabout search for completeness.

An Intimate Dinner Celebrating The 2nd Annual Artist In Industry Award

Nov 07 - Nov 07, 2017 | $250.00

An Intimate Dinner at The Chocolate Factory celebrating Lisa DiClerico and Alex Schindler, recipients of the 2nd Annual Artist In Industry Award

Sophia Cleary + Neal Medlyn – Miracle

Nov 01 - Nov 04, 2017 | $20.00

Rebecca Davis – the final hands count beginning sounds

Oct 12 - Oct 21, 2017 | $20.00

the final hands count beginning sounds is a quartet that can be read as a dance and/or a collection of kinetic and ephemeral sculptures. The movement palette is composed of clean lines and sharp angles as the performers shift between five positions: standing, kneeling, sitting, and lying prone and supine. These simple shapes are layered with varying degrees of complexity resulting in constructions with a spare, Minimalist aesthetic.

Yanira Castro / a canary torsi – CAST

Sep 13 - Sep 23, 2017 | $20.00

CAST brings together a rotating cast of four performers, different each night, who negotiate a new script at each performance in front of a live audience. A computer generates a unique script culling from transcripts of over 100 hours of conversation with CAST’s 15 performers regarding casting, performing and the complexities of representation. It is a concentrated study of what constitutes a cast.

12th Annual Taste of LIC

Jun 06 - Jun 06, 2017 | $65

The Chocolate Factory's 12th Annual celebration of LIC's cultural and culinary excellence, for 1,200 of our closest friends, on the lot of Kaufman Astoria Studios.

Ivy Baldwin Dance – Keen [No. 2]

Jun 01 - Jun 11, 2017 | $20.00

Keen grows out of an open-eyed exploration of that which we uncomfortably avoid: the contours of grief. Baldwin and her all-woman cast mine the emotional and physical experience of loss, memory and holding love.

Michelle Boulé – The Monomyth

May 17 - May 27, 2017 | $20.00

The Monomyth explores narratives of loneliness and solitude, following the trajectory of a soloist through a continuous movement experience. American culture idealizes the individual, yet we are living in what has been called “the Age of Loneliness,” where competition and cultural suppression trump connection, cooperation, and support for varied expressions of self.

Jimena Paz – Yellow

Apr 21 - Apr 30, 2017 | $20.00

“We have been working with the idea of "foreignness" and how each artist interprets that word in her/his own making/practice. The point of departure, the locus of the collaboration, are short stories from my life in Argentina, the subculture of my dancing body.”

Ursula Eagly – Piece with gaps for each other

Mar 29 - Apr 01, 2017 | $20.00

This will be like a tower of champagne flutes. But messier. And what’s pouring is something, but not champagne. It’s a delicate operation that’s leaking everywhere. Lots of leaking. What’s going to happen?? Lots of questions, too, and we’ll need your help. Come on down.

Anna Azrieli – Mirror Furor

Feb 22 - Feb 25, 2017 | $20.00

“Making dances I let my intuition fly. I am seeing how these three people (and myself) first fit into and ultimately modify my desires. One inspires my presence on stage, one inspires the way I move, one is my child and is complicatedly inspired by me just as they inspire. I feel their separate threads, as well as my own, tugging at me and am discovering how they will form a whole story.”

Daniel Fish

Jan 12 - Jan 20, 2017 | $20.00

“I was thinking about confined spaces, the space between the viewer and the screen, the space between two people, how being trapped in a space can seem liberating, the films of Chantal Akerman and something a friend of mine, long since dead, said about how every time he shouts the walls of his prison to dust, another rises up. And about what happens when the talking stops.”