2016 Season

Karinne Keithley Syers – A Tunnel Year

Dec 03 - Dec 03, 2016 | $20.00

A Tunnel Year is a three-part book with a play at its center, built from a few years’ worth of interrupted thoughts crammed into one-line scenes voiced by animals. Germinated in the Bardo of parenthood and compelled to work in the form of the fragment, it asks: Did I escape? Or am I lost?

Sam Kim – Fear in Porcelain

Nov 09 - Nov 19, 2016 | $20.00

Fear in Porcelain is a live experience that incorporates fierce sexual restraint to obliterate the ego and willfully eradicates the self through the solo dance form. Performed by many, Fear in Porcelain pushes a radical new sensibility and meaning for the solo by heightening the voyeuristic relationship between soloists and viewers.

Sara Juli – Tense Vagina: an actual diagnosis

Oct 19 - Oct 22, 2016 | $20.00

Tense Vagina: an actual diagnosis is about motherhood - its beauty, challenges, isolation, comedy and influence on the human experience. This evening-length solo uses humor, movement, sounds, songs, text and audience participation to reveal “all that is awesome and all that sucks” when it comes to being a mother.

An Intimate Dinner at The Chocolate Factory

Oct 06 - Oct 06, 2016 | $250.00

Please join The Chocolate Factory Trustees and an intimate group of friends and supporters for a beautiful low-key dinner inside the Factory's beloved performance space.

Eleventh Annual Taste of LIC

Jun 13 - Jun 13, 2016 | $75.00

The Chocolate Factory's 11th Annual celebration of LIC's cultural and culinary excellence, for 1,200 of our closest friends, on the gorgeous East River Waterfront.

Beth Gill – Catacomb

May 18 - May 28, 2016 | $18.00

Bessie Award winning choreographer Beth Gill, with long-time design collaborators Thomas Dunn and Jon Moniaci, returns to the Chocolate Factory for a new site-specific performance installation inspired by archetype, the imagination and the subconscious. A symbiotic pair with a mysterious and ever-present bond, a lone heroic female, and a glowing, otherworldly presence inhabit a dreamlike, sensory-rich world that draws the audience into an immersive act of witnessing.

Heather Kravas – play, thing

Apr 27 - Apr 30, 2016 | $18.00

With play, thing choreographer Heather Kravas creates three converging duets for six women, conjuring an architecture of desire. Referencing the labors and structures of the domestic sphere, the work uses simple words and precise movements to orient the performers within confined locations. Symmetrical floor patterns, slow collapses and rhythmic shifts become the map of an interior space. With repetition and deviation the dance passes through states of anxiety, erotics, play, power and fear.

Juliana F. May – Adult Documentary

Mar 01 - Mar 12, 2016 | $18.00

In Adult Documentary, five performers share their real and imagined histories. The distortion of text and body is about looking at the form of trauma or conversely the trauma of form. How does the so-called “aboutness” and shape of a word or gesture disrupt meaning and how does the form i.e., repetition, space and time rupture or repair these seemingly hermetic relationships?

David Neumann / Advanced Beginner Group – I Understand Everything Better

Jan 10 - Jan 16, 2016 | $20.00

I Understand Everything Better, a multidisciplinary dance-based performance by Bessie-Award winning choreographer/performer David Neumann, explores our impulse to report on calamity, the consciousness of traumatic change, and one's proximity to dying through a combination of personal narratives, traditional Japanese theater and Neumann's own poetic interdisciplinary work.