Heather Kravas – play, thing


April 27-30, 2016

Wednesday thru Saturday at 8pm

With play, thing choreographer Heather Kravas creates three converging duets for six women, conjuring an architecture of desire. Referencing the labors and structures of the domestic sphere, the work uses simple words and precise movements to orient the performers within confined locations. Symmetrical floor patterns, slow collapses and rhythmic shifts become the map of an interior space. With repetition and deviation the dance passes through states of anxiety, erotics, play, power and fear.

play, thing features performers Anna Azrieli, Rebecca Brooks, Natalie Green, Heather Kravas, Heather Olson and Omagbitse Omagbemi with assistants Tuva Hildebrand and Maya Turner. Lighting design by Madeline Best.

Additional commissioning support for play, thing has been provided by the Jerome Foundation. Residency support provided by Collective Address.