Sophia Cleary + Neal Medlyn – Miracle


November 1-4, 2017

Wednesday thru Saturday at 8pm

What would have happened in 1993 (the same year that Anne Geddes envisioned her first coffee table book “Down in the Garden” and GG Allin died of a drug overdose) if Geddes had traveled from New Zealand to New York City to rendezvous with GG Allin?
A full-length piece for two performers, Sophia Cleary and Neal Medlyn, with live DJing by Gillian Walsh, Miracle comprises extreme vocal techniques resulting from theatrical childhoods, treacly visual imagery, babies, flowers, microphones, punk rock, and angular, upsetting movement.
Miracle introduces the artists GG Allin, the late, legendarily transgressive and dangerous punk performer, and Anne Geddes, the world-renowned photographer and philanthropist best known for her photographs of babies in flowers, as points of departure for a show about purity and impurity, birth and death, and documentation and rebellion. Synthesizing Allin’s melodramatic violence with Geddes’ sentimental wasteland, Miracle asks: Can sentimentality be pushed to such an extreme that it becomes a form of transgression?

Performers: Sophia Cleary, Neal Medlyn, Gillian Walsh.